u bored u die

“u bored u die” is an entirely self-produced, no budget student film by Gideon Patrick and starring his family. It is a family comedy that pushes the boundaries of the genre with mystery and science fiction elements.

Summary: When the Gorksniff aliens suddenly begin killing off all of Wisconsin’s cows, one unusual family must survive the invasion by locking up together inside at Grandma’s house.


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Documentary Shorts

Gideon Patrick’s Documentary Shorts is a running series on YouTube which is constantly redefining what the internet understands as a “vlog.” Starring a wide cast of characters and locations, it has been praised as “capturing life… more deeply and impressively and engagingly than any of our vlog generation.”

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Gideon Patrick is also a screenwriter, looking to get his work made into finished films! His work is imaginative and innovative, with an intuitive sense for visual ideas perfectly suited for the big screen.

He has written 10 features including such titles as: 

Time… in the West

The Originals

Porte des Mortes

War Anthem

The Sky Will Open

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